You need a guitar player for

So you could book Volker Klenner:

No matter if just as a temporary aid for a single gig; as a musician for an arranged tour or as a steady member of a line-up.

Bruce Katz, who´s known for just playing with his own band, did have Volker Klenner as the guitarist on his german Gigs in 2002 und 2005.

Even if his first and biggest love is the Blues, Volker Klenner is no stranger in other styles. As the guitar player and singer of the "Erich Erber Showorchester" he played from 1992 to 2005 in the big Ballrooms and Concert-Halls in Germany and the surrounding european Countries. From the repertoire of the legendary BigBands to the latest Top40-songs lasts his experience and knowledge.

Accompaniments of well known Artist in the german showbiz - like Ireen Sheer, Roberto Blanco, Joan Orleans, Bill Ramsey - to name a few, are a prove of Sightreading and flexibility.

Volker Klenner
Fuerstenstr. 22
73262 Reichenbach / Fils

Phone: +49 (0) 7153 / 533 32